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Beaded Cellphones

The beaded cell phones are part of the previous beaded gourd series and pins and beads mixed media paintings. The use of the “brick phone” combines “Post Modern Nostalgia” and Dadaism which describe much of the mixed-media work that I have been working on for over twenty years.  As a Dadaist devotee I appreciate the design quality and presence of everyday objects.  These objects are repurposed, enhanced, and decorated with paint and beads and other materials.  The influence of Christo is also part of my inspiration.  I first became aware of Christo’s work while I was a student at San Diego State University (1976-79).  He had an exhibit at the La Jolla Contemporary Museum of wrapped objects like sofas and cans. During this time Christo did a presentation of his “Running Fence” and other relevant projects of the 1970’s.  

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