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Long Beach Ave. Series 2

The second Long Beach Ave Series began by going back to the format of my paintings during graduate school which consisted of unstretched canvas and acrylic paint.  As before the paintings were intended to have the appearance of a wall hanging or tapestry.  Whereas the previous paintings combined mixed mediums with paint, these paintings were simple and basic with acrylic paint on primed unstretched canvas.  
The original theme was to have a buddha in each painting.  The first painting , “Cattail Buddha-Gabriella” (2005),  had an actual buddha in the painting.  The following paintings had forms of buddha’s such as in “My Bodhi’s” (2005) in which every Trojan horse, cactus, leaf, panels of color, are forms of buddha-each protecting each other.
These paintings also include my influences of continual spiritual exploration and how we define time through our experiences.  “Bull Stupa” (2006-08) deals with a view of a time machine where the ostrich symbolizes the past walking into the future represented as a tower of bulls (“Indian Stupa”) as an antenna reaching to sky and the right side, of the painting, displaying the future of joyous bulls surrounded by atoms/or energy symbols. 
Each one of these paintings has a personal component along with the design of multiple patterns and bold colors.  Fluorescent paint has started to become part of my palette since I moved to downtown Los Angeles and was influenced by the art of the local Los Angelino artists. 

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