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Long Beach Ave Series 1 - Paintings

This was the first painting series I created at the Long Beach Ave Lofts in downtown Los Angeles.  This was a revelation for me moving from an 800 sq. ft. Venice Beach bungalow to a 1400 sq.ft open floor plan loft.  These paintings combined acrylic, oil and sand in several of the paintings. Additionally, the paintings included collage elements.  Graffiti , discarded license plates, sun, and lots of trash was what the first paintings were inspired by.  As the series grew it became more personal with the importance of love in one’s life.  I managed to persevere through some of the of the emotional challenges. 
Many of the paintings from this series are made in components of 2 or 3 panels.  At the time I used it to propel my ideas on the blank canvas.  The components made it easier to solve the design of a complete painting.  The multiple panels became 2 and 3 unfamiliar patterns combined to create a whole.

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